The purpose of this Activity is to coordinate and manage all parts of the project in order to set up then run the eArchiving DSI. This involves both internal coordination to ensure that all Activities work together seamlessly, and external coordination. External coordination will cover communicating with:

  • the European Commission (EC) eArchiving DSI Business Owner unit – DG CNECT
  • the CEF team in DIGIT who are responsible for setting up the eArchiving DSI infrastructure
  • the European Archives Group (EAG)
  • broader CEF bodies such as the Operational Management Board (OMB) and the Architectural Management Board (AMB), as appropriate.

The Activities in this project are highly integrated and interdependent, and thus it is necessary to have good coordination and communication procedures in order to ensure the desired project results are achieved. Acitity 1 will ensure that each output is delivered on time and to budget, as well as in a way that interoperates with the other parts of the project. The project will provide regular progress reports and financial statements to the European Commission to explain and justify the co-funding with which they are helping to support the project to achieve its objectives.