eArchiving Geopreservation Conference, Ljubljana, 6-7 May

Day 1


Anne-Sofie Jensen, “The increasing value of Geodata – and why preserving it is important”
Sophia Bünemann, “CEF at the Geopreservation Conference”
Janet Anderson, “The CEF eArchiving Building Block”
Dalibor Radovan , “Spatio–temporal indicators for optimal geodata archiving”
Valerie Gouet-Brunet, “Time Machine: the big data of the past for the future of Europe”
Žiga Zwitter, “Linking Archival Records, Geodata and Other Maps in Environmental History Analyses”
Jakob Eiby, “Archiving geodata”
Gregor Završnik, “Long term preservation formats for Geodata”
Rink W. Kruk, “Geodata as Instrument, Archival matter and Connector”
Gašper Rutar, “Geodata in archaeology. What and why we record, what and why should we preserve?”
Brett Abrams, “Formats for GIS & Design Records at NARA”
Mateja Urbančič, “The overview of EC INSPIRE Directive”
Joan Masó, “ISO 19165 Metadata model for preservation and Open Packaging Convention for data and metadata preservation example”


Day 2

Tomaž Černe, “Integrating Opensource GIS solutions into a functional Archival system”
Želimir Župljanin, “FME – a leading technology for spatial data transformation”
Gregor Završnik, “E – ARK4ALL – Solutions for archiving geodata”
Primož Kogovšek, “EARK Pilot Experiences in archiving Natura 2000”
Boštjan Pucelj, “Digital Archive of Geospatial Data”
Sandor Biszak, Arcanum “MAPIRE: the historical map portal”
Andras Sipos, “Access to historical geodata via Hungaricana Portal and Budapest Time Machine”
Rebeccah Baker, “Preserving Federal Geodata at NARA”
Michal Hanzalík, “Piql Preservation Services”
Jaka Šimnovec, “Archiving of spatial data and Access through the GIS for Local Authorities PISO”
Vlatka Lemić, “Topotheque– collaborative portal for archives and communities “
Hrvoje Stančić, Rina Milošević, “Enhancing evidentiary value of land registry records by the use of blockchain”
Round table discussion and conclusions


Additional Videos

Day 1 full stream
Day 2 full stream