eArchiving Geopreservation Conference, Ljubljana, 6-7 May

Day 1

  • Anne-Sofie Jensen, “The increasing value of Geodata – and why preserving it is important” – slides
  • Sophia Bünemann, “CEF at the Geopreservation Conference” – slides
  • Janet Anderson, “The CEF eArchiving Building Block” – slides
  • Dalibor Radovan , “Spatio–temporal indicators for optimal geodata archiving” – slides
  • Žiga Zwitter, “Linking Archival Records, Geodata and Other Maps in Environmental History Analyses” – slides
  • Jakob Eiby, “Archiving geodata” – slides
  • Gregor Završnik, “Long term preservation formats for Geodata” – slidesvideo
  • Rink W. Kruk, “Geodata as Instrument, Archival matter and Connector” – slides
  • Brett Abrams, “Formats for GIS & Design Records at NARA” – slides
  • Mateja Urbančič, “The overview of EC INSPIRE Directive” – slides
  • Joan Masó, “ISO 19165 Metadata model for preservation and Open Packaging Convention for data and metadata preservation example” – slidesvideo

Day 2

  • Tomaž Černe, “Integrating Opensource GIS solutions into a functional Archival system” – slides
  • Želimir Župljanin, “FME – a leading technology for spatial data transformation” – slides
  • Gregor Završnik, “E – ARK4ALL – Solutions for archiving geodata” – slidesvideo
  • Primož Kogovšek, “EARK Pilot Experiences in archiving Natura 2000” – slidesvideo
  • Boštjan Pucelj, “Digital Archive of Geospatial Data” – slides
  • Andras Sipos, “Access to historical geodata via Hungaricana Portal and Budapest Time Machine” – slides
  • Rebeccah Baker, “Preserving Federal Geodata at NARA” – slidesvideo
  • Michal Hanzalík, “Piql Preservation Services” – slides
  • Jaka Šimnovec, “Archiving of spatial data and Access through the GIS for Local Authorities PISO” – slides
  • Vlatka Lemić, “Topotheque– collaborative portal for archives and communities ” – slides
  • Hrvoje Stančić, Rina Milošević, “Enhancing evidentiary value of land registry records by the use of blockchain” – slides

Additional Videos